Seeking Justice for George Floyd!

• Yesterday citizens all over the world stood together in protest for the injustice and unlawful murder of yet another innocent African american man, George Floyd. •

• George Floyd also known as the “Gentle Giant” was killed May 25, 2020 by Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin.

“Floyd, an African American man, was pinned to the street in Minnesota by the knee of a police officer during his arrest. Despite his protests that he couldn’t breathe, he was continually restrained in the position, and subsequently died.” reported by @deadline Tuesday, May 26, 2020. •

• Since video footage has surfaced from the brutal murder of George Floyd more and more people of many different ethnicities countries & states have become enraged and decided to take to the streets to voice their opinion through peaceful protest, or at least thats the way it started. •

• After hours of chanting, walking and protesting in front of the California Courthouse & Police Department protestors wanted to do more to express their rage. Protestors not only took to the street in massive groups but also blocked the 101 freeway during traffic causing a stand still on the freeway for hours. •

• This action did not sit well with one Los Angeles Police Officer who decided to drive his patrol car through the protest and injured several Innocent protestors in the process •

• Now, even more enraged, the people began to react to the craziness becoming violent thus, starting a riot. Protestors began to jump on the patrol car and bust out its windows in attempt to get to the officer who drove through their peaceful protest completely destroying the patrol car. •

• Mean while in Minneapolis where 100,000 protestors marched the street where Floyd was killed by police officer; Derek Chauvin,  it was decided after hours of chanting, yelling and blocking traffic it was time to send the protestors home. Officers tried doing so by dispensing tear gas directly to the peaceful protestors leaving several injured and more in rage.

Did someone say riot? Well, thats exactly what happened next due to the protestors feeling their rights weren't being granted for peaceful

protest as stated in the 1st Amendment. 

With all of this taking place we have a few questions for our viewers and listeners.

1. How do we move forward?

- The nation has protested, protested and protested some more only for the police brutality to calm down for a moment to then start again. 

2. How do we stop the senseless killing?

- We’ve tried over and over again to express our anger, rage and at this point fear for #ourblackboys as they grow up in a world where police officials and others feel its ok to take our lives for simply “being black and living.“

• 3. How do we recover?

- What does recovery look like at this point? We’ve lost so many to the hands of our corrupt government through their appointed officials who are supposed to be set in place to protect us yet they kill us every chance they get. 

4. Do you feel safe?

- George Floyd, Micheal Brown, Trayvon Martin and countless other black men and women who are now gone because they didn't matter enough to the people who are suppose to protect us, instead they took the one thing we cant get back and thats the lives of good BLACK men, women, boys and girls.

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